17:00    |    02/09/2011

High level irresponsibility

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I was saying last week I want to forget about president Basescu, as he looks more and more not to be in touch with this world. Unfortunately, I can’t stop writing about him. He is so irresponsible that one can not simply ignore him.

Lately, he has become a supporter of the Rosia Montana project to explore gold. I am not the one to analyze the opportunity of such a huge exploration, the benefits and the disadvantages. Not even specialists have a mutual conclusion.

The problem is Mr. Basescu has already taken sides. He hasn’t explained his conclusions properly. He says we need gold to add it to the national reserve. Then he becomes really irresponsible: he tells locals in Rosia Montana that the national bank had to sell gold so that the state can pay pensions and salaries! Isn’t it nice? He is Romania’s head of state!

Mr. Basescu seems to have reached the peak of his capacity for irresponsibility. Or not? Is he going to do some more? Anyway, this is what he told the locals: ‘In 1989, the national gold reserves amounted to 296.5 tons. Now we have only 103 tons. Let’s ask all those that ruled the country, let’s ask Governor Mugur Isarescu, where are 193.5 tons of gold? Yes, gold was sold, was sold to pay pensions and salaries.’

Of course, the central bank had to react. The BNR governor’s adviser, Adrian Vasilescu, replied: ‘since 1989 up to now, Romania hasn’t sold one gram of gold from the national reserves.’

The BNR adviser stressed a confusion is being made, as in 1989 Romania had only 60 tons of gold and not 295 tons and since then Romania has bought constantly gold, reaching 103.7 tons of gold now.

What kind of president is Mr. Basescu, as he makes statements without checking the information with the state officials? It seems to me he is more a peril to Romania than a leader.