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16:15    |    04/04/2010

Romanians have to support Syda

Elena Basescu, president Traian Basescu’s younger daughter, was elected as MEP in 2009. She ran as independent only to re-join the democrat-liberals immediately after the elections. EBA, as she is called, received full support from the president. Is that ‘nepotism’? Oh, no! EBA is a strong personality, highly educated and praiseworthy.

Some still say she is not even speaking Romanian correctly. These people point to ‘succesuri’ instead of ‘succese’ (grammatically wrong form of ‘successes’) and to other several hilarious language mistakes EBA made during her speeches delivered to the European Parliament. Obviously, they are wrong and intentionally avoid admitting the fact that Elena Basescu is a meritorious Romanian MEP!

Soon she is getting married. She is getting married to another ‘personality.’ A personality of ‘Dorobanti area’ nicknamed Syda (Bogdan Ionescu). They are two young people that love each other. What could be more beautiful? Maybe the fact that Romanians love their president Traian Basescu and ignore any ill-intended suggestions regarding him.

Who is Syda? He is a 29 year-old man, well known for worldly life in Dorobanti area. Tabloids reported during the time he has had relations with Alexandra Dinu (former wife of footballer Adrian Mutu), Lili Sandu (singer and so-called modern actress) and Leta Ilie (former wife of footballer Sabin Ilie). However, he had been adviser of former Integration Minister Anca Boagiu and recently intended to run for the office of consul at Rio de Janeiro.

What a life! Isn’t he a nice guy? A capable one. So capable that he was admitted on 25th February to the Economy Ministry, after an exam he passed (obviously) with an ‘A.’ Now he resigned. Don’t worry, nothing is wrong with him. He has been appointed as economy secretary III to the Romanian Embassy in Paris. Of course he had to pass another exam. He was the only candidate… (!) What a career! From Dorobanti straight to Paris! We live besides geniuses without knowing a thing. Aren’t we ignorant?

Well, as EBA and Syda are soon to get married, they need to be together or at least very close to each other. EBA is in Brussels or Strasbourg, while Syda would be in Paris. How romantic! Is this ‘nepotism’ carried out by president Traian Basescu? How could one even think of that?

Anyhow, Romanians have to support Syda. From their own pocket. They are going to pay (as the Romanian state will) for his salary, accommodation and everything else he would need in Paris. After all, he deserves it. He is smart, a good guy aiming high. Should we call it funding nepotism? What an evil way of thinking!


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