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02:31    |    25/04/2010

Prime Minister Duracell

This headline is not mine. It’s the headline of the editorial published on Saturday by daily ‘Gandul.’ But I find it absolutely magnificent! It goes down to the very essence of Prime Minister Emil Boc: a small-sized guy, with high energy exactly as the advertising depicts the bunny climbing mountains or outrunning others looking just like him. Unfortunately for them they lack Duracell batteries…

Emil Boc is endowed with no such batteries, but his energy comes from his mentor, i.e. President Traian Basescu. So he is acting as being ‘propelled’ by Duracell batteries.

Boc ran to Cotroceni Palace with his team to carry on a special government session with the head of state – unprecedented event in modern Romania. The same Boc visited Dacia works on Friday to tell us his cabinet supports efforts to switch to electric automobiles (!) Romania lacks highways, proper streets and the standard if living is free-falling, but we are keen to make efforts to prepare the electric car! What an irony…

Boc is also the premier chasing away media moguls, just like his mentor does. He also is chasing away MPs, they’re too many and keep hold on their ‘chairs.’ So, a draft law on amending the constitution was presented hastily, including hilarious mistakes, saying MPs number is to be reduced to 300.

The same Duracell PM is the one who inquired the defence minister why tanks run through sand, while airplanes’ motors are shutting down due to volcanic ash. Let’s remember the same Duracell premier speaking English: fighting ‘aviara gripa’ (avian flu, by the way). Or promoting last year, along with the then ally PSD, a new education law. Now he is supporting a new one, as the president wished – a draft law on education,  sadly built on obvious grammar mistakes, Shouldn’t we be proud of such a head of government? I envy him. I lack such energy. But, after all, my energy is not coming from Duracell batteries.


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