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17:55    |    01/05/2010

Go home, Mr. Boc!

It really makes me sick seeing and reading media reports or stories. Especially the so-called comments coming from so-called political analysts. A large part of the newspapers is supporting the president and the ruling party, i.e. PDL (democrat-liberals). That’s not bad. It’s their choice. But these comments converge, almost all of them, to the idea that there’s no use in replacing the current power, the ‘leading party’ because the others are all the same.

Even worse, they say. Just an example: “What would Ponta and Antonescu do if they come to power? We don’t know. Or, I’d rather say they’d do what Basescu’s men are doing now. The Liberals and the social-democrats accuse PDL of corruption, but they have no intention to change the current system of public acquisitions.” That’s what an analyst was saying on Saturday and there are dozens like him.

First of all I want to underline I do not think any of the two mentioned leaders are some kind of magicians to change the situation in Romania. Maybe they do not have solutions. But who are those people to accuse someone before finding out what that person is capable of? How can one anticipate the failure of an opposition leader as long that leader is in… opposition? So, drawing the line, the conclusion is ‘what’s the use in replacing the democrat-liberals’…

There is something one could aim at, I’d answer: what about regaining confidence? What about starting again to believe in ourselves? Very few still believe Romania is able do to the right things after the four governments led by PM Emil Boc, all of them being the worst governments Romania has ever seen. So, I want to say just this: tough measures are needed, there is no doubt about it. Maybe harsh times lie ahead, worse than one can say right now. But we need to have someone leading the government, someone Romanians could trust.

Keeping Emil Boc up there, as head of the government, is certain bankruptcy. He hasn’t proven he is able to carry on one single decision to fight the crisis. Why should we trust him anymore? Cluj, the heart of Transylvania, is a very nice city. He deserves to go back there. And never return to Bucharest.


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