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17:09    |    07/08/2011

The follower

A recent joke reads something like this: a man rings the bell.

‘Hey, neighbor, dear lady, I’ve just arrived from work and I have a terrible desire for sex… Whole night long! I can’t help myself!’

‘It’s great!’ she replied…

‘’Well then, can I bring the dog for the night to stay with you?!’ the man concludes…

It seems to me the relation between neighbors looks just like the one between president Traian Basescu and PM Emil Boc.

The president said recently Romania stands better than other European countries, mentioning Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain. Two days later, premier Boc shows up to the public radio, saying Romania stands better than other European countries.

The premier launched recently the idea of cheap stores for the retired. Criticized by the opposition, he stood tall. However, the president admitted such stores have no chance of ‘survival,’ as the method had been launched by the social-democrats in 2003 and failed to prove efficient. Now PM Boc is stiff… in words and expression. I’m sure no one will really try to set up such stores again.

Somehow they seem to be like in the above mentioned joke. One says one thing, the other one agrees, but they seem to point to different, still delusive directions.

Mr. Boc is Mr. Basescu’s follower. That’s for sure. I wonder if he would keep the dog for the night…




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