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16:51    |    21/08/2011

Stories among emoticons

Before reading this so-called analysis, please open an emoticon from the messenger – the one laughing without an end. Look at it, than learn that president Traian Basescu has had doubts about running for a second term in 2009!

Well, you’ve already found out about it from Bucharest Herald. As far as I am concerned, Mr. Turcan’s statements (presidential spokesman) are pure bullshit. Listen to him: Traian Băsescu had analyzed the non-running scenario in 2009, as there were “organized crime groups” trying to influence election outcome. Didn’t his mother teach him not to lie, when he was a little boy?

Let’s recall a little bit the political situation at the time. After the 2008 general elections the political scene was divided almost equally between democrat-liberals and social-democrats (some 32-33 per cent each), while the liberals got 18 per cent and the Magyars’ union (UDMR) some 6 per cent. President Basescu rejected the liberals’ request (among which there was the prime-minister osition) and decided to allow an (outrageous) alliance between PDL and PSD. An alliance against nature, as it was called at the time. ‘I’ve seen my dreams come through,’ Traian Basescu said while the ministers were swore in, hinting at the fact that, from that point on, the majority in parliament would be a ‘transparent’ one.

Well, the PDL-PSD government lasted until September 2009. A vote of confidence put an end to the cabinet, a cabinet that resigned but anyway remained in place until after the presidential elections in November-December 2009.

If Basescu hadn’t run, PDL would have not stood a chance to rule anymore. No other president, from whatever party, would have named Emil Boc (again and again and again) as premier. No candidacy, no chances, no power. No power? So how would the democrat-liberal leaders carry further their businesses, defend their political and financial interests in the years to come, until now?

That is why I believe one should open laughing emoticons before looking at the presidency’s spokesman and at Traian Basescu. They look just like Mr. Bean.



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