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Basescu’s show is going on

Relaxed (as he is on holiday), a little sweaty (dressed in a suit it must had been rather hot), President Traian Basescu granted an interview to the national television on Monday. The terrace of his villa at the seaside seemed to be a good site to impress Romanians dreaming of holidays.

Anyway, the Romanian president seemed set to tell us his views and intentions, a wide range of issues related to the United States of Europe (!), the Rosia Montana Gold corporation , justice, health and, obviously, politics.

Those expecting to see a new Basescu were disappointed. Those waiting for the same attacking style must have been deeply satisfied. Basescu’s show is going on and on and on…

That may not say much. I am really impressed by the way the head of state is dealing with politics and the constitution. As I was writing not long ago, Traian Basescu is using the constitution to play his part the way he wants to. He referred again to art. 103 in the constitution to stress it is referring to a party and not to an alliance. So, a little bit nervous, but at the same time using a warning tone, Traian Basescu reiterated he would not appoint an opposition prime minister even if USL (the main opposition alliance, made up by social-democrats, liberals and conservatives) wins more than 50 per cent of votes at the general elections due next year.

He said no negotiations are to take place if a party wins more than 51 per cent of votes. On the other hand, if USL wins 70 or 30 per cent, being an alliance, negotiations need to take place. So, drawing the conclusion, I believe these expected negotiations would mean Basescu will appoint whoever he wants as head of government.

‘I am not playing with the constitution,’ he said.

You know something? I am tired to listening to this character. He is on perpetual fighting with imaginary or real foes, he has an authentic talent to draw up conflicts and an extraordinary capacity to change his opinions just as one changes his socks – every day.

However, he is constant in his attitude against some politicians. And he is constant in carrying his ongoing show. For normal people, which category I believe I am part of, he is tiring. I am tired of listening to things other presidents might find shameful. Or outrageous. That is why I believe I need to take a break from Mr. Basescu’s teachings. At least for a while.


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