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The country with three prime ministers

Isn’t Romania a country of all possibilities? It seems we will be ruled by a (former) spy chief, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu. So, what?, one could say. After all, the US, Russia and dozens of other countries have had, in turns, such leaders. But I have several issues to draw attention at.

First, Mr. Ungureanu may be a professional, but he is president Traian Basescu’s man. He could have done a great job while heading the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE), however as an employee of such a department, he is not entitled to take part to the political life. So, what? I don’t believe the lie that he was proposed by the ruling democrat-liberal party; he is not a member of that party and his relations with any of the officials should have been strictly professional. So, it becomes certain he was Mr. Basescu’s choice.

Secondly, rumors say he might be what Putin was for Yeltsin years ago. He was chosen by the president to head the executive, in view of becoming a public personality, well-known and capable of running for the next presidential elections.

Thirdly, I wonder what kind of power Mr. Ungureanu will have in front of the democrat-liberals. He is not a member of the party, he hasn’t practically nominated any of the ministers of his future cabinet, be them from PDL, the Hungarian minority party, or the UNPR partners. Each party has filed the names of the ministers in an envelope…

I wish Mr. Ungureanu great achievements. Nevertheless, I have doubts he will last too long in the position of PM if he does not obey each and every order coming from the president. Former PM Emil Boc was aware of that and acted accordingly.

Well, until the moment when the parliament approves the new cabinet, we are the only country in the world ruled by three prime minister. We have Emil Boc – as resigned premier. We have Catalin Predoiu – as interim PM (by the way, why was necessary to appoint an interim PM?). And we have Ungureanu as premier designate.

I wonder – maybe all three would make a great team!



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