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"My heart is Spanish and my mind universal"

Maybe the most important personality of Latino music, Julio Iglesias is without doubt one of the most loved artists of all times. With 250 million sold albums and one his songs broadcasted at every 30 seconds in every corner of the world, Julio Iglesias is the most important messenger of Spain abroad. On the occasion on Spain’s national day the famous artist sent his thoughts to his Romanian fans in an interview gave to Bucharest Herald.

BH: This year is special for you for at least two reasons: you will turn 40 years of career and, on September 23rd, you also celebrated your 65th birthday. What do you consider to be your most important achievements in your professional as well as in your personal life?

Julio Iglesias: Indeed, 2008 is being a great year for me, as I have had the opportunity to travel to so many countries and perform for so many cultures. The most important achievement, as an artist, is my audience. It´s wonderful to see that, during these 40 years of career, my connection with the people has become stronger than ever and I am so thankful for that. In regards to my private life, my family – my wife and my eight children – and my best friends are my main achievements.

BH:Your 2008 world tour is a real tour de force. You started it in South Africa, in January and you have performed on almost all the continents, up to know. Which is the source of your tremendous energy? (Gloria Estefan, for instance, who is 51, has recently declared that 2008 is the year of her last world tour, as it is exhausting to travel all over the world and it requires a lot of time away from her family.)

Julio Iglesias: My energy is my audience. I enjoy singing so much, that travelling does not tire me at all, on the contrary, I see it as a great opportunity to return to wonderful countries, where I haven´t performed for years, and to discover new beautiful places. Gloria, of whom I am very fond, declared she would stop doing long world tours, but she will keep performing, that´s for sure.

BH:You have recently declared to “Radio 10”, in Argentina, that you would never retire. Is music the purpose of your life?

Julio Iglesias: Music is one of the pillars of my life. The other one is my family. Artists retire when they die or when they are forgotten by the public, which is the worst of all. I feel I still have many things to do, dreams to accomplish and, most of all, I feel lucky, as I have seen, during this world tour, that I am alive in the hearts of my audience, which is what most matters to me.

BH: We have seen on that you have recorded a duet with Charles Aznavour, who is 84 and is going to launch a new album, “Duets”, soon. You seem to admire him very much. What are your favourite singers and what are the reasons for which you consider them good artists?

Julio Iglesias: Aznavour is an amazing artist. We share a beautiful friendship and I deeply admire him for his hard work, dedication and for having built a great career, step by step. Regarding your question, I have always felt a deep admiration for Frank Sinatra, an unrepeatable artist, who I consider to be the No. 1 ever.

BH: Julio Iglesias is famous not only in Europe, but also on the other continents. The GQ magazine, for instance, the most important magazine for men in USA, has nominated you for the title of “GQ Men of the Year – International Personalities”. How did you manage to conquer countries with so different cultures and to stay in the top for so many years?

Julio Iglesias: Music is a universal language. When you sing, you have a unique chance to connect with people all over the world, no matter their age, culture, sex or religion. Furthermore, I have always liked to record songs in different languages and get even closer to the people, in this way.

BH: Does Julio Iglesias consider himself a Spaniard or a citizen of the whole world?

Julio Iglesias: My heart is Spanish and my mind universal.

: Which are Julio Iglesias´s plans for 2009? Are you taking into consideration the idea of a new album?

Julio Iglesias: Yes, I do have a new album on my mind and I also intend to keep performing.

BH: You have five little children. Your twins, Victoria and Cristina (7 year old), saw you performing this year, in Cádiz (Spain), for the first time. What did they tell you after the show?

Julio Iglesias: Well, they have been surprised. They have heard so many people saying “Daddy is a singer”, but who knows how did they imagine that up to now. In August, they saw what it really means and I think they had a great time.

Your children have everything. How do you make them appreciate what they have and understand the hard work behind it?

Julio Iglesias:
They are still little, but we are trying not to spoil them and to show them both the beautiful part of this world and the less fortunate one, so that they understand that they are privileged children and appreciate it. When they grow older, we shall be able to explain them all the hard work behind what they have.

Julio Iglesias received, among his numerous awards, the title of “Universal Spaniard”. What would be the message of this Universal Spaniard to his compatriots, on the occasion of the National Day of Spain?

Julio Iglesias: I would say that, wherever we go or live, we should never forget our origins. We have a beautiful country and many reasons to be proud of it. 2008 has been a great year for Spain in sports, for instance: we won the Football European Championships, we have talented people like Rafa Nadal or Fernando Alonso, who makes Spain famous all over the world. I am proud to be a Spaniard.

BH: Could you also send a message to the readers of “Bucharest Herald”?

Julio Iglesias: I know you are a young and ambitious publication, so I wish you good luck and I am sure you will do a great job, at high journalism standards.

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