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"Romania can have an evolution similar to Spain’s evolution in the EU"

This year Spain’s national day, on October 12th, was celebrated four days in advance in Bucharest, at Bragadiru Palace. His Excellency Juan Pablo Garcia-Berdoy, the Embassador of Spain to Bucharest, present there, among hundreds of people belonging to political, cultural and economic environments made some statements realted to the Spanish-Romanian relations and to the meaning of this day, for Bucarest Herald.

BH: First of all congratulations for the anniversary and for the event. What can you tell us about the meaning of this day?

HE Juan Pablo Garcia-Berdoy : Spain’s national day, celebrated on October 12th has a double meaning. One the one hand it reminds of America’s discovery, and on the other hand it points out to Spain’s tight relations to the contemporary world.

BH: How would you describe the Romanian-Spanish relations at this moment?

HE Juan Pablo Garcia-Berdoy : We have grown closer not only due to the European frame, but also due to the economic dynamics. Spanish investments in Romania have become very numerous, the value of exports is higher and the migration of Romanians to Spain resulted into a very strong and very well integrated community in Spain. The high number of Romanians who live in Spain work very hard and we received them very well.

BH : Has the common Latin background contributed to this positive evolution?

HE Juan Pablo Garcia-Berdoy: Today’s Latinity is a Spanish Latinity. The Spanish language has become a work instrument for many citizens in the whole world, in both America and Europe.

BH : How has the economic environment influenced the consolidation of the relations between the tow countries?

HE Juan Pablo Garcia-Berdoy :The economic environment had a great influence. Romania can evolve just like Spain in the European Union. I believe that Spain is the best partner for Romania because we have a loto f things in common and also due to the Latinity. Romania can have an evolution similar to Spain’s evolution and can learn from our experience. Spanish investors are more and more present in Romania. There are 2.500 Spanish companies in Romania at the moment and this says a lot about the relations between Spain and Romania.

BH. How did Romania develop during your presence here?

HE Juan Pablo Garcia-Berdoy The evolution was very good. The public institutions are developing, the market has opened and Romania is going through a very good stage of economic growth. I have noticed a very strong evolution of the Romanian society with European elements within the public administration as well as closer to the economy of the EU member states.
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