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"Romania and France, connected through cultural and economic ties"

Recently opened at the National Art Museum of Romania, under the high patronage of presidents of France and Romania, Nicolas Sarkozy and Traian Băsescu, the exhibition 'Napoleon the IIIrd and the Romanian Principalities', through its 200 paintings from 39 museums and institutions in France and Romania, is one of the cultural and political reference points that state the historical evolution of the relations between the two countries, His Excellency Henri Paul, the Ambassador of France in Romania told Bucharest Herald.

Your Excellency, first of all congratulation for the exhibition. What can you tell us about the bilateral relations between France and Romania in terms of culture, politics and economy?

HE Henri Paul : You know very well that France has now the presidency of the European Union. The French President, Nicolas Sarkozy and the Romanian President, Traian Basescu signed at the beginning of this year a strategic partnership agreement, an agreement aiming to strengthen the political, economic and diplomatic ties between Romania and France.Furthermore, France’s presidency of the European Union is very helpful for Romania, because we are working together and a lot of subjects were included in this strategic partnership. The aim of this exhibition was first of all cultural, but we also wished to point out to the straightness of the relations between the two countries, the common history of these two countries, the capacity that we have to work together for the organization of a cultural event- The National Art Museum and the French Museum organized together this exhibition.Besides creating a scenario we wanted to show the evolution of the art history and the intellectual correspondences between France and Romania. I believe that Romanians will attend this exhibition with joy, because it offers them an interior perspective of their history and the possibility to see why they should be proud about their past.

What will be the evolution of the French investments in Romania in the near future?

HE Henry Paul: France is Romania’s third commercial partner, with investments of important companies. The French companies are helping Romania a lot and they became Romanian in time. Other companies want to come to Romania as well, but I cannot mention names for the moment. The importance of economic investments and the importance of the cultural life go together. I know that Michelin, Distrigaz Sud, Carrefour and Accor have important investments plans for next year.


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